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1. The possible protective role of the pomegranates juice on the testis of aged male albino rats
» Yassien, R.I.
2. Comparative study of protective effect of olive oil with or without gentamicin on E. coli-induced lung sepsis in adult male albino rat.
» Aboraya, A. and Ali, A.M.
3. The possible protective role of curcumin on nicotine induced damage of gastric mucosa of adult male albino rats
» Aboraya, A.
4. Low dose heterogeneous chemical mixture exposure induced alterations in the structure and antioxidant defense system of rat liver
» Vachhrajani, K.D. and Morya, K
5. Comparative study of certain serum biochemical and mineral profile in postpartum anestrus cows treated with CIDR and Ovsynch protocol.
» Jena, D., Das, S., Samal, P., Behera, S. and Mohanty, D.N
6. Initiation of callus culture and estimation of andrographolide from Andrographis paniculata
» Deshmukh, A.S., Kadam, S.R., Belge, S.A., Nirgude, M.S. and Kharade, S.S.
7. Seroprevalence of canine leptospirosis in Namakkal, Tamil Nadu by microscopic agglutination test
» Sathiyamoorthy, A., Selvaraju, G., Palanivel, K.M. and Srinivasan, P.
8. Hormonal, antioxidant and enzymatic profiling in cross-bred cattle (Bos tauraus)
» Chetia, M., Sarma, S., Tamuly, S., Nath, R., Goswami, J., Mili, D.C. and Das, P.K.
9. KI 67 proliferation antigen in spontaneous canine cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours and its prognostic importance
» Kavya, N., Rao, S., Sathyanarayana, M.L., Narayanaswamy, H.D., Byregowda, S.M., Ranganath, L., Kamaran, A., Purushotham, K.M. and Kishore, T.K.
10. Hormonal profile of estrous synchronized Black Bengal does by the use of different progesterone therapies
» Dash, S., Mohanty, D.N., Jena, B. and Mandal, K.D.
11, Effect of growth regulator concentrations on callus induction and regeneration in Japonica rice varieties through anther culture
» Sharma, A., Lal, D., Sutradhar, M., Pradhan, H. and Kumari, N.
12. The effect of bisphenol a on the testis of adult male albino rats and the possible protective effect of thymoquinone: A histological and immunohistochemical study
» Fahmy, A
13. Phytochemical and GC-MS studies on traditional herbaceous plant pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) leaf
» Arul Priya, R. and Saravanan, K.
14. Genetic variation in selected species of prawns of genus macrobrachium using mitochondrial 16S rRNA
» Sharma, C., Krishna, G., Pavan Kumar, A. and Nayak, S.K.
15. Evaluation of the cytotoxic activity of crude aqueous extracts of some medicinal plants of Kashmir
» Reshi, I.A., Sarkar, T.K., Malik, H.U., Muhee, A. and Bhat, A.H.
16. Pinnal squamous cell carcinoma in a cat: A case report.
» Naveen, M., Dhanalakshmi, S. and Kavitha Rani, B.
17. Multiplex PCR assay for detecting common bacterial pathogens of mastitis in milk and tissue samples of buffaloes
» Sarvesha, K., Satyanarayana, M.L., Narayanaswamy, H.D., Rao, S., Yathiraj, S., Isloor, S., Srikanth, M. and Mukartal, S.Y.
18. Nanopore technology for DNA sequencing aids in clinical diagnosis of genetic disorders in newborn screening: A mini review
» Gupta, P.D.
19. Pathomorphological studies on ovine paratuberculosis in an organised sheep farm in Karnataka
» Srikanth, M., Narayanaswamy, H.D., Satyanarayana, M L., Suguna Rao., Rathnamma, D., Ranganath, L., Mukurtal, S.Y., Sarvesha, K. and Manjunatha, S.S.
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