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A. Editorial
» P. D. Gupta
B. Point of view
» P. D. Gupta
1. Imbalance of gut microbiota induces cancer: A review
» Sawicka, B., Kaid Johar, S. R., Sood, P. P. and Gupta, P. D.
2. Plants as potential cancer therapeutics: A review
» Radhika, J., Sridharan, G., Sivaganesh, M. and Pradeep, V.
3. Anticholinergic effect of Datura stramonium leaf extract and Chlorpyriphos in the gills of Catla catla
» Namdeo, A. and Tembhre, M.
4. Nephroprotective effect of Amaranthus spinosus root extract in carbon tetrachloride induced toxicity in male albino rat
» Kengar, S., Thorat, D. and Jadhav, J.
5. Evaluation of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of Annona squamosa l., seed extracts
» Bheemagani, A.J., Prem Kumar, P. and Anupalli, R. R.
6. Detection of glandular choristoma in an mesenteric lymph node from an adult crossbred goat with paratuberculosis: A case study
» Rajendra Kumar, T. and Tripathi, B. N.
7. Lipolytic activity during female adult development of Earias vittella (Fabricius)
» Patil, T.C., Gejage, R.M. and Bodare, R. D.
8. Pathomorphological changes in ochratoxicosis and its amelioration using diatomaceous earth and vitamin E in Broiler chickens
» Naik, D., Satyanarayana, M.L., Yathiraj, S., Narayanswamy, H.D., Rao, S. and Ramchandra, S G.
9. Effect of supplementation of probiotic curd on lipid profile and body weight in hypercholesteremic subjects
» Solanki, A. S. and Patel, B. G
10. Serum proteomics in early pregnancy diagnosis of bovine: A review
» Buragohain, L.
11. Unexplored and potential applications of lectins in crop protection: A review
» Kale, S.K. and Deshmukh, A.G.
12. Current status and future prospects of application of nanotechnology in stem cell research: A review
» Gade, N.E., Dar, R.M. and Mishra, O.P.
13. Pathobiology of Rotaviral diarrhoea in calves: A potent zoonotic threat: A review
» Choudhary, M., Choudhary, B.K., Ghosh, R.C., Giri, D.K. and Netty, S
14. Significance of FGF-2 during tail regeneration in lizards: A review.
» Yadav, M.
15. Heat stress in crops: A review
» Ramani, H. R. and Mandaviab, M.K.
16. Bacteriophage and their applications: A review
» Dewangan, G., Kashyap, D.K. and Giri, D.K.
17. Hygienic monitoring in food establishment (update on technology and practices): A review
» Panigrahi, S., Jadhav, V., Routray, A. and Sahoo, S.
18. Genetic engineering to establish a C4-metabolism in C3 plants for crop improvement: A review
» Kumari, R., Kumar, P., Sharma, V.K. and Kumar, H.
19. Recent advances in transgenic crops: A review
» Prasad, B.D., Ranjan, T., Sahni, S. and Sharma, V.
20. Somatic cell count and subclinical mastitis in dairy cows: A mini review
» Yogeshpriya, S.
21. Origin of Y chromosome: A review
» Sood, S. and Sood, A
22. Exendin-4, nicotinamide and β-mercaptoethanol based induction differentiation of Whartons jelly tissue mesenchymal stem cells in to PDX-1 mediated insulin producing cells
» Mahaboob, V.S. and Subrahmanyam, G.
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