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A. Editorial
» Gupta, P. D,
B. Point of view
» Gupta, P. D. and Muthukumar,A.
1. Fast and effective role of nanotechnology in health care system: A review
» Gupta, P. D. and Sood, P. P.
2. Raphnus sativus seed effect on calcium-oxalate induced nephrolithiasis in mice
» Shushni, M.A.M., Treesh, S.A., Elghedamsi, M.T., Al-Arbed, A.A., Zeghwan, S.A. and Aburawi, S.M.
3. In vitro axillary bud breaking of nodal segments of Bambusa nagalandiana Naithani and production of clonal planting materials: A threatened commercially important species
» Deb, C.R., Santam, T.L. and Jamir, N.S.
4. A comparative gelatin zymography of matrix metalloproteinases in serum of native sheep breeds of Tamil Nadu
» Balamurugan, T.C., Prakash Krupakaran, R., Kibson, C., Rajendiran, S., Iswarya, R. and Perumal, P.
5. Exploration of L. fermentum Vrac_01 microencapsulation by spray drying technique for their use as probiotic
» Thummar, A.C. and Ramani, V.M.
6. Effect of cold pre-treatment on rice anthers for callus regeneration frequency of Indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties IR 28 and IR 66
» Solanki, R.U. and Kathiria, K.B.
7. In vitro callus proliferation and shooting protocols from explants of Phyllanthus virgatus G. forst: A potential medicinal plant
» Salamma, S. and Ravi Prasad Rao, B.
8. Molecular charecterization of HSP70 gene in Kenguri breed of sheep using PCR-SSCP technique
» Dodamani, S., Appannavar, M.M., Ramesha, K.P., Suranagi, M.D., Tandale, M.K. and Kartikesh, S.M.
9. RNA editing and its role in crop improvement: A review
» Mehraj, U., Sheikh, F.A., Ahmad, M. and Sofi, N.R.
10. Loopholes in sperm sexing of farm animals: A review
» Buragohain, L. and Bharali, A.
11. Biology and biotechnology of mango (Mangifera indica L.) with reference to in vitro cell and tissue culture in endangered and endemic cultivars: A review
» Bimal, R. and Singh, A.K.
12. Riboflavin metabolism: Current status and future possibilities: A review
» Dey, M. and Bandyopadhyay, D.
13. Significant association of legume-Rhizobia symbiosis:A review
» Khunt, M.D. and Mahatma, L.
14. Male infertility owing to pesticide poisoning and antioxidant induced amelioration: A review
» Bhardwaj, J.K., Kumari, P., Saraf, P., Mittal, M. and Yadav, A.S.
15. Nanotechnology in drinking water purification: A critical review
» Gupta, P.D., Muthukumar, A., Shilpa, V., Abubakar, G. and Sood, P.P.
16. Molecular mechanism of disease resistance in plants: A review
» Sahni, S., Prasad, B.D., Kumar, G. and Ranjan, T.
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