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Point of view -- Playing with DNA
» Dr. P. D. Gupta, Adjunct Professor, Manipal University, Manipal, (Karnataka). Former Director grade Scientist CCMB, Hyderabad)
1. Nanotechnology-based precision tools for the targeted therapy of triple negative breast cancer: A review
» Kalyane, D., Maheshwari, R., Tekade, R.K. and Kalia, K.
2. Sleep deprivation: neurological consequences and effects of rehabilitation: A review
» Bhatnagar, M. and Chittora, R.
3. Key factors associated with cancer progression: A review.
» Singh, S. and Flora, S.J.S.
4. Marine Actinobacteria associated with the invertebrate hosts: A rich source of bioactive compounds: A review
» Sheikh, M.A., Rathore, D.S., Gohel, S.D. and Singh, S.P.
5. Reproductive and production performances in dairy cattle of bay islands under semi-intensive organized farm: A review
» Perumal, P., Kundu, A., Kundu, M. S., Sunder, J., Bhattacharya, D., Sujatha, T. and De, A.K.
6. Urovagina: A cause of endometritis and infertility in dairy cows: A review
» Perumal, P., Savino, N., Veeraselvam, M. and Rajoriya, J.S.
7. Evaluation of chicken carcasses sourced from organized processing units for food borne pathogens
» Sudarshan, S. and Fairoze, N.
8. Studies on micro propagation of Banana, cv. Bargibale
» Hegde, A.K., Hegde, V.K. and Hegde, V.
9. Isolation and characterization of a moderate halo-alkaliphilic Planococcus. sp. from Sambhar salt lake
» Gaur, A. and Arti, P
10. Biochemical profile of Malnad gidda breed of cattle
» Gowda, H. K., Narayanaswamy, M., Veena, T. Krishnaswamy, A., Nagaraja, C. S., Sridhar, N. B., Ganesh, K. and Kalmath, G. P.
11. Electrocardiographic findings in dogs with Babesia gibsoni infection
» Subhash Chandra, B., Rajkumar, K., Vijayalakshmi, P. and Abiramy @ Prabavathy, A.
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