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Point of view -- Born to Die: Why do we age?
» Dr. P. D. Gupta,
1.Non-target impacts of fipronil bait using morphological alterations in the reproductive system of Blaps polycresta (Coleoptera: tenebrionidae) as a biomonitor
» Osman, W.
2. Isolation, screening and characterization of PGPR strains isolated from the Rhizosphere of a xerophyte Euphorbia virosa
» Popat, T. and Vyas, B.R.M
3. In vitro mass multiplication of fig (Ficus carica l.) through nodal segment explants.
» Sen, D.K. and Patel, R.M.
4. Recent advances in the development of tropical fish viral vaccines: A review
» Sivasankar, P., Riji John, K., Rosalind George, M., Magesh Kumar, P., Mohamed Mansoor, M. and Selvamagheswaran, M.
5. In vitro callus induction and regeneration from leaf explants in Punica granatum l. Sindhuri
» Kumar, R. and Jakhar, M.L.
6. Androgenesis-mediated response of different genotypes and their cross combinations for Calli index in ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata a. Braun)
» Shitole, A.M. and Kumari, V.
7. Electocardiograpic changes in cattle with bovine benign theileriosis
» Devadevi, N., Rajkumar, K. and Vijayalakshmi, P.
8. Factor affecting tissue culture experiments of woody plant: A review
» Kumar, R. and Jakhar, M.L.
9. Effect of heavy metals in physiological alterations and recoveries during natural and herbal antioxidants therapies: A review
» Sood, P.P. and Chundawat, R.S.
10. Importance of dietary fiber and starch in the prevention of selected civilization diseases: A review
» Sawicka, B. and Gupta, P.D.
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