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1. Rescue of beta cells from immune destruction in type 1 diabetes: Advancements in treatment strategy: A review
» Kavya, J., Raval, M., Gondaliya, P. and Kalia, K.
2. In-vitro differentiation of human umbilical cord blood hematopoietic stem cells into mature red blood cells
» El-Hawary, E.E., Laag, E.M., Zidan, A.A., Abdou, S.M., El-Chennawi, F.A. and El-Shanshory, M.R.
3. Adult neurogenesis in human and other mammals: A review
» Sharma, D. and Bhatnagar, M.
4. Human Papilloma virus - A major invader in oral squamous cell carcinoma: A review
» Kirave, P., Pataskar, T., Gondaliya, P., Sunkaria, A. and Kalia, K.
5. Implications of tobacco consumption on outcomes of urethroplasty performed using buccal mucosal graft
» Moteria, S., Shah, P., Sharma, N., Amlani, J. and Joshi, V.
6. Potential of white rot fungi in the degradation of textile dyes: A review
» Gohel, J.B., Parmar, B.P. and Vyas, B.R.M.
7. Bacteria: The powerful creatures: A mini review
» Gupta, P.D.
8. Molecular diveristy of Nocardiopsis alba sp. isolated from the coastal region of Gujarat, India
» Dangar, K.G., Kalasava, A.B., Dave, A.V. and Singh, S.P.
9. Efficiency of PCR in the detection of haemoparasitic infections in Buffy coat, lymph node and blood of dogs
» Kalaivanan, M. and Saravanan, S.
10. Micropropagation in banana using inflorescence: A review
» Vincent, L. and Anushma, P.L.
11. Heavy metal intoxication, oxidative stress and antioxidants therapy: A review
» Tyagi, S., Kalia, K., Chundawat, R.S. and Sood, P.P.
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